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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  January 24, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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being watched and say this has the capacity to threaten people's privacy. the faa reportedly expects to have new rules in place by 2013 that will allow lightweight unarmed drones to fly up to 400 feet above the ground giving police across the u.s. an added boost in fighting crime. in new york laura ingall, fox news. and the news keeps coming tonight, shawn yancy now with the news edge at 11:00. we begin with the latest on that massive water main break in maryland. take a look because this is what it looked like this morning as thousands of gallons of water gushed out of a broken water main in largo down into the beltway. tonight the water is off and the beltway is back open, but there is still a lot of work to be done. fox 5's audrey barnes is live at largo with the latest. >> reporter: this huge pile of water damaged furniture, office supplies and other products was removed from the businesses at ground zero of that water main break. some of the merchants told me the water inside the building had risen 3 feet and was on the
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way up, still going all toward the windows and the walls collapsed from the pressure of a 54-inch water main that runs alongside the parking lot outside their building collapsed. the water main break created quite a sight, a geyser 9 feet tall that sent a torrent of water rushing onto the beltway. it iced up in minutes shutting off this major commuting artery nearly 10 hours. the washington suburban sanitary commission said four valves had to be located and shut down to stop the water. problems with water pressure disappeared once that was done. they issued a boil water advisory as a precaution. >> there are no issues with contamination in the system. however, what you lose pressure for an extended period of time it, can cause the possibility for contamination. that's why we need folks to boil their water until we lift the advisory. >> you have an aging system and every year, every couple of
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months or so we experience something like this. >> reporter: and now it's happened again. the repair crews went home about an hour ago. they told me they would be back here before 7:00 tomorrow morning to continue the work. these repairs are expected to take days and cost millions. shawn, back to you. >> now as a result of the break, 400,000 people are under a boil water ailed viz rei and we found many of them buy -- advisory and we found manufacture them buying up water tonight. people -- many of them buying water tonight. people need to boil water for drinking, brushing teeth and washing dishes. this is just a precautionary measure. the water is not contaminated but people we talked to aren't taking any chances. >> i have two kids and want to make sure they have enough water to brush their teeth and also just have regular water to drink. >> wssc says the boil advisory will likely remain if effect for a few days. stay -- in effect for a few days. stay with fox 5 for this story
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on our website. we have detailed information and a map of the affected areas on our homepage we'll also have the latest tomorrow on fox 5 morning news beginning at 4:25 a.m. the news edge on virginia now, the clean-up efforts continues tonight along the potomac river in alexandria. thousands of gallons of mineral oil leaked from a pepco power station. fox 5's matt ackland explains. pepco is now blaming a pipe that connects to a transformer. >> reporter: pepco estimates about 5,500 gallons of mineral oil leaked out. alexandria fire officials say it was more like 21,000 gallons. both agree most of it spilled onto the ground near the potomac river power station owned by genon, but some of it made it into the water. >> it was later. i would have put it petrol or diesel. >> reporter: kevin burns saw the spill on his morning run and called officials for assistance.
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>> it's discolored the ice down there because it's obviously very cold today. >> reporter: not long after he noticed help arrived. clean-up crews used rowboats to lay out long booms to contain the oil from spreading further into the river. also a tanker truck was brought in to suck the oil off the water's surface. >> we're not sure how much actually entered the river. they've now collected somewhere around 16,000 gallons of that oil has been contained, but some of that oil did enter the river. >> reporter: we're told mineral oil is not considered toxic to humans, but wildlife experts were called in to help some of the animals who call the potomac river home. >> it has affected the wildlife here. we had some ducks and fish have been killed by it. some of the ducks have been recovered alive and taken for treatment. >> reporter: pepco issued a news release telling us as soon as it knew there was a leak from one of the pipes it, initiated a clean-up effort. that was hours after the cheek happened. it was early sunday morning -- leak happened. it was early sunday morning
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when the leak began, but it wasn't noticed until sunrise. meanwhile kevin burns has kept tabs on clean-up progress and says it seems slow, but he's hopeful this leak won't have a lasting effect on the river he calls beautiful. >> it's beautiful to watch. it would be a terrible thing if any of that was damaged, you know. >> reporter: matt ackland, fox 5 news. >> in case you're wondering pepco officials say that mineral oil is used to cool off those transformers. the family of a virginia woman who died while having an abortion in philadelphia is speaking out. her dross now charged with murder. karnamaya mongar of wood ring went to philadelphia to have an -- woodbridge went to philadelphia to van abortion in 2009 but never woke up. dr. keller met gosnell made millions perform -- kermit gosnell made millions performing abortions with an untrained staff including his wife performing those abortions. >> the family, they are missing so much every day, every moment
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when even they cook the food. they're sitting together to eat. >> dr. gosnell is now charged with eight counts of murder. that includes seven babies in mongar. mongar's family has filed a wrongful death civil suit. in new york police on long island believe they may have a serial killer on their hand. the bodies of four people were found near jones beach last month. investigators finally identified all of the victims. police say they're all women who worked as prostitutes or online escorts. they disappeared between 2007 and this past summer. police aren't saying how they were killed. developing tonight in russia, still no claim of responsibility for today's suicide attack at one of moscow's busiest airports. a suicide bomber blew himself up killing at least 35 people outside an international arrival terminal. russia's president is now calling for more security after today's attacks. >> the families of the dead, i express the deepest sympathy.
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as far as the law enforcement aspect, first of all, it is necessary to introduce a special regime at all airports at stations connecting to airports and major transit hubs. >> the white house was quick to condemn the attack and offered any u.s. assistance to the russian government. a s.w.a.t. team raided a local mayor's home and killed his two dogs. tonight both sides have reached an agreement. we have the details coming up. a good sign tonight. our temperature went up 1 degrees at 11:00 in the district. warmer day ahead -- 1 degree at 11:00 in the district, warmer day ahead tomorrow, talking about a rain/snow mix with your full forecast on the news edge at 11:00. we'll be right back. >> this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00. 
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the news edge on maryland,
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police investigating a brazen killing in prince george's county. a gunman walked up to a car parked at the penn station shopping plaza in suitland this afternoon and shot a man insideful investigators say the gunman walked away -- inside. investigators say the gunman walked away after the shooting. this is the county's 15th homicide this year. a s.w.a.t. team raided his home, killed his two dogs. tonight the mayor of berwyn heights reached a segment with prince george's county. shy calvo said the 2008 raid -- cheye calvo said the 2008 raid was based on the mistaken belief people in his home were dealing drugs. fox 5's paul wagner has the details. >> reporter: it's been 2 1/2 years since cheye calvo's two black labs were shot to death during a raid at his berwyn heights home that was carried out after undercover officers saw the mayor pick up a package and take it in his home. the package contained more than 30 pounds of marijuana. shipped to the house police say by smugglers using the addresses of unsuspecting people. police say officers killed the
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dogs because they felt threatened. >> we've done over 100 hours of depositions to really understand what happened and now, you know, we've learned a lot in that process and what we've learned we've communicated to the county government. and the county government listened and said we can do better than this. >> reporter: mayor calvo said rushern baker, the new county executive, is the one who listened. the previous administration he says wanted only to fight. as we talked on the front lawn of his home, calvo's two black labs marshall and zander played fetch in the yard. dogs the mayor and his wife adopted after the shooting. >> the difference between dealing with jack johnson's administration and the former sheriff and rushern baker has been night and day. this is a direct result of rushern baker's leadership, not just wanting to settle a case, but wanting to learn from what happened to put in place best practices and that to me is a
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big deal. >> reporter: the police never apologized for the way in which the raid was carried out. mayor calvo said the sheriff even called it a model operation. calvo and his more than were handcuffed and interrogated for hours before police finally came to the conclusion they knew nothing about the package. he's now hoping the settlement will ultimately change the way the police do business leading to what the mayor hopes is more thoughtful policing. mayor calvo says the county has agreed to pay damages, but he wouldn't disclose the sum. the county executive released a statement saying he's hoping to finalize the details of the settlement by february 24th. in the fox 5 newsroom i'm paul wagner. finding a parking spot at a metro station is about to get easier. we have the details on a new program that lets you know if there's a space even before you get there. 
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so forget riding a bike and tying a shoe, preschoolers these days are learning tech skills before life skills. the internet security company adg found 19% of children between the ages of 2 and 5 know how to play with a smartphone application while only 9% know how to tie shoelaces. 25% of small children can open a web browser but only 20% can swim. you know, there is an app for just about everything these days including one that tracks your tax refund. laura evans has your fox 5 top five. >> a new app from the irs is going to allow you to follow the progress of your tax refund
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right on your smartphone. no. 5, the free app is called irs to go and it's available for people who have iphones or androids. it also offers tax tips so you may want to download it before you start the process of filing your taxes. the irs says personal tax information is encrypted. so taxpayers can safely access it. no. 4, your sense of smell might help in the battle of the bulge. a new study out of chicago found people who inhale the smell of peppermint of two hours ate 2,700 fewer calories per week than they normally did. that adds up to a loss of over 3 pounds in a month. banana, green apple and vanilla worked in other studies. no. 3, people who used public transportation are more than six times more likely to develop a respiratory infection requiring a doctor's visit. british researchers found a strong association between an acute respiratory infection and bus or train use. the risk appeared greatest
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among occasional transit riders. no. 2, finding a parking space in metro garages could get a lot easier. the transit agency will start testing a program next month at the ft. totten loud that allows users to see -- lot that allows users to see which spaces are available and for how long. sensors will send realtime information to people's iphone. no. 1, gas prices are jumping again rising nearly three cent in the last two weeks, $3.11 the average price per gallon in the nation. that is tonight's fox 5 top five. did you see it? sports cars racing around a frozen lake in colorado. it is the annual bmw cca club race and driving competitions. it gives drivers a chance to sharpen their skills on the ice. a good time on the 1/2-mile
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course just under a minute, if that is your cup of tea. >> i hope it is. that looks like it would be so dangerous. might be a thin spot. i'm sure they check it carefully, but don't try this at home. >> we were talking a little while ago we always say what a difference 24 hours makes. yesterday it was cold outside, but today it was bearable. >> tonight is not as cold and it's hard to believe tomorrow after today, can we really get to the mid-40s that fast and we can because of the south wind. >> okay. >> huge area of arctic high pressure, bitter cold is pushing off to the east and yes, we are going to ease this cold during the day tomorrow. wow, look at that shot with the steam going by. yes, it's definitely still cold out there tonight, but nowhere near where we descended to last night. let's take another look at some of those temperatures dropping to the 17 degrees at reagan national, manassas and camp springs down to 5 and 8 degrees. of course, prince george's county is where we had that water main break today. leesburg dropped to 7, fort
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belvoir 8, dulles 6. we will be at least 15, if not 20 degrees warmer for some of those places tonight. staying in 20s, maybe low 20s for a few of you, but d.c. came up 1 degree at 11:00, dulles 28 as is manassas. toward annapolis you are 29, leonardtown 28 degreesful your forecast tonight, a few clouds -- degrees. your forecast tonight, a few clouds and south wind, low 20s, maybe mid-20s. tomorrow sunshine, dry all take long and we get up to about 46 degrees -- day long and we get up to about 46 degrees. i think tomorrow will be fantastic, giving you a hope that spring is coming. 31 at 8:00, by noon 42 degrees and 5:00 we begin to see the clouds increasing, 43 degrees. tomorrow night is an important night because we'll be watching moisture from the south heading in our direction and something interesting about that moisture i want to show you, certainly very cold in the northeast. rochester's high was 16 degrees, boston 13 while we were 32, but where our storm is
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forming is in the gulf of mexico and it was 71 degrees today in new orleans. what a contrast with little rock coming in at 44 degrees and dallas at 56. so there's definitely some warm air down here which will fuel up a pretty significant storm, but nor in greed yet we really needed for that -- another ingredient we need is for that high pressure to stay in place. we get our return flow and milder day out of it tomorrow. wednesday is not tear cold either. here -- terribly cold either. rain is changing to snow on wednesday because of this storm, but we have the usual questions this far out with a storm happening during the day wednesday and change over to snow wednesday night and that has to do with the placement of the area of low pressure, but in this particular case there's a second piece of energy behind the storm, the upper level energy that may be the thing that brings our snow and we'll have to watch temperatures. it could be in the upper 30s on
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wednesday. at 5 a.m. we begin to see our little bit of mix with the green representing rain. that's primarily south and east of 95 for much of the day, although now weapon got your rain/snow mix at -- we got your rain/snow mix at noon. then we have snow west of interstate 81, but as we go through the day we begin to see this changing back over and then moving out by about midnight or so to the eastern shore. how fast that moves out, where that area of low pressure is what that upper level feature is like will determine how much snow we may get out of this thing wednesday night, but it looks like wednesday at the very least will be messy and we'll give it some numbers tomorrow night when we're within our safe period to give you a good idea of what is going to be happening, but i would certainly highlight wednesday as a day that may feature trouble especially in the evening. thursday 38 degrees, any snow very early probably before the sun come up and quiet to end the week, 39 and 44 degrees.
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a couple of our teams, caps and wizards, were in a new york tell us if they night. were able to manifest their own destiny with that when he returns with sports. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] myron needed an mba to turn his technology into a business.
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good evening. i'm dave feldman. the rangers are starting to get annoying. remember back in december when they blasted the caps 7-0 in the middle of washington's eight-game slide? and now this at home. tough guy shawn out there hey,
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what's up. you want to fight? maybe later. scoreless in the 2nd. the caps marcus johansson spins it towards the net and it's banged home for hendricks. caps up 1 -0. same score in the 3rd until sean avery shot off marian gaborik's stick and take a look again. they review it and rule it a good goal, tied at one and this would go to a shootout. in the shootout the rangers looking to give new york the win and he does. rangers win 2-1. that's 0-2 on the power play. here's bruce. >> when you're having trouble scoring, you know, we constantly preach never pass up a good shot and i thought those four or five times where the defenseman or forward had it we'd fake a shot and we had a good direct line so we could look for a better play and you
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can't do that. the road's not getting any easier for the wizards either who today went to new york looking to snap their 0-20 mark away from the verizon center. for the love of christmas, can they just get one. 1st quarter wizards down one, john wall drives and spins, wall with 10 of his 18 in the 1st, but the wiz would trail by seven after one. 2nd quarter different story, nick young misses but javale mcgee keeps it alive. trevor booker comes down with it, gets it to fall, part of a 23-6 run for the wizards. we go to the half tied at 62. 3rd quarter nick young, there's the three to put the wiz up two. young with the team high 22, a new look and new do for young but in the 4th the knicks pull way. of course, the wiz is on the road. a mary stoudamire puts them up six. they fall 115-106. film saunders cannot leave the
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building. to the college ranks, mason visiting delaware, patriots looking for their fifth straight win. 2nd half cam long with the steal and cam long goes coast to coast. mason up 26, long with a game high 20 as mason cruises 69-49. no. 2 pitt hosting notre dame, panthers 7-0 in the big east. notre dame's ben happens bow 19 points, the young -- ben hansbrough, the younger brother of tyler hansbrough. the panthers snap their 20 game home winning streak. remember how president obama has not hid the fact he's a big fan of the chicago appear sports teams and he planned on going -- chicago's sports teams and he planned on going to the super bowl if the bears made it? well, they didn't. >> the president going to come watch you at the super bowl? >> yeah. we'll go see him. >> yeah! [ cheering and applause ]
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>> i see white house on three. one, two, three, white house! >> london fletcher and brian orakpo joined d. hall at the pro bowl want shawn is back right after this. [ male announcer ] rockin out to the big hot pastrami. big. hot. pastrami. don't dare call it a cover band -- unless you're talking about covering freshly baked bread with layer upon layer of flavor-packed pastrami.
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